Company name: Bet365 Limited

Brand name: Bet365

Postal address: Hillside, Festival Way, Stoke-on-Trent ST1 5SH

Country: United Kingdom

Telephone: 0845 345 1365

Toll Free Customer Service for UK only +44 1782 408000 +44 1782 408000

Fax: + 44 1782 408001

Contact E-mail:

Bet365 Profile

Number of customers:2.000.000 customers in 120 different countries

Annual turnover:

Yearly number of bets:

Offline shops: Yes


The group has held a UK license since 1974 and services over 2 000,000 customers in 120 different countries. Bet365 continue to offer the widest range of sports markets for their customers, giving them more choice than ever before Open account with Bet365 Online betting news ... Free bets, bonus offers, betting promotions ...

Bet365 Betting Informations

Singles accepted: Yes

Minimum deposit: 25

Deposit options: Credit card, Debit card, bank cheque, cheque sent by mail, bank wire

Accepted credit cards: Mastercard, Visa, Switch, Delta

Policy towards US residents:

Deposit fees: Bank cheque: Varies Credit card: No fees Debit card: No fees Cheque sent by mail: Varies Bank wire: Varies

Minimum bet: 0.01 GBP

Maximum bet: No maximum

Maximum winning: 100000 GBP Per day

Maximum payout:

Withdrawal options: Credit card, bank cheque, cheque sent by mail, Western Union, bank wire

Withdrawal fees: Bank cheque: No fees Credit card: No fees Cheque sent by mail: No fees Western Union: No fees Bank wire: Varies

Account currencies: AUD, DKK, EUR, GBP, NOK, HKD, ISK, JPY, SEK, SGD, THB, USD

Supported languages: English

Odds format: Decimal, American and UK(Fractional)

Secured website technology: Yes

WAP betting:

P2P betting: Yes

Online chat with customer service: No

Open account with Bet365!


One of the best-known online bookmakers Bet 365, will soothe you with its prevailing green colours. When a website is the colour of a football pitch, everything seems much easier. The flaw that will definitely bother you from the very start is a small font. Besides this minor shortcoming, Bet 365 will offer you a quite good start-up menu. There are three menus on the left: sports, services and information, and on the right in red, you will find the most important options for your first bookie visit: a join-in form and special account offers: for new members and separately for old members of Bet 365. Then we have a very important menu site issues, where you will find important answers to the questions regarding the settings of your browser, cookies, compatibility, spyware and antivirus issues. The middle is reserved for the matches currently playing, of course with the live betting options, as well as the matches that are played later that same day. Around there somewhere, written in small font but noticeable stand few other important issues: betting rules, odds display mode (decimal, american or fractional), log-in option for old members, and of course, contact (via constantly available chat or if you are not in a rush via email). The greatest objection to design, besides the small font is that some important things like money transfer or preview of your previous bets are done via small and unintelligible pop-up windows, where very important buttons can hardly be noticed or is hidden somewhere in the corner.

Bet365 money transactions

Previously we wrote about the transfer of your funds from your bank account to Moneybookers service. Now you have to transfer the funds from Moneybookers to your account at Bet 365. The procedure is more than simple after you log in. Click on Top up funds, and a pop-up window will offer you fields where you enter the amount you wish to transfer from Moneybookers alongside fields for password. If all the info is regular, by clicking Submit, Bet 365 will directly lead you to your Moneybookers account, where all you need to do is enter your Moneybookers password and confirm it, and your money is transferred to Bet 365. If everything is OK, you will be automatically redirected to bookmakers’ website and the betting can begin. Minor notice: If you are ardent in betting, always choose Sportsbook option in appropriate transfer fields, because that is the mark of sports betting. Besides, Bet 365 offers you special accounts for real ’gamblers’: Casino, Poker and Games options. When you shear the bookmakers and you want certain funds to be back on your account, simply click on Withdraw, where you will find another pop-up window with the amount of money at your disposal and a field to enter the amount you wish to withdraw. With the confirmation via password, this will be done in two or three clicks. For those afraid of their betting passion and overspending of hardly-earned money, a good choice would be to limit your total amount on your account, on daily or weekly basis. This amount can be reduced at any time, but of you wish to increase it, you will have to wait 24 hours after your demand, which is more than enough to calm you down a bit. This is called Deposit Limits and can be adjusted on your account under the Members-Deposits option.

Bet365 betting procedure

As on all good bookie websites, the betting procedure on Bet 365 is more than simple. By choosing your sport, then league and the match you will get the wanted event which you wish to bet on. There is always Live betting option that offers you all on the home page. For example, click on Soccer, then FA Cup, and a list of matches will be in front of you. When it comes to soccer matches, the odds are shown for final outcome by default. Choose a match (for example: Stoke – Newcastle), betting is done by clicking on the field besides your tip (for example: tip 1), so when you click Bet besides your match, the match is on your online slip, that stands on the right. You should enter your stake (the amount you want to deposit) on your slip and confirm by clicking Place Bet, or if you change your mind and wish to remove a match, click Remove. When you choose a league, you choose the type of betting in the top menu on the side, so this is also quite simple. All you have done on Bet 365, you will be able to see on Bet History option.

Bet365 overall opinion

Extremely professional. Simplicity, reliability, great choice of sports, fine choice of betting types. Everything is done very quickly, which is a very good quality. The thing that lacks them to get the highest mark is a clearer design of the website, as well as greater choice of special matches (where you can bet on all kinds of stuff). Special offers should also be various and happen more often. You should expect more or less the same as from other British bookmakers. Classic design, largest choice of sports, simple procedures of money transfer and betting that are not tiresome. Don’t expect ‘wild’ bets that are not among classic range of all other bookmakers. There is a gift bonus at the moment for new members, who deposit between 10 € to 500 € to their Bet 365 account, they have 15% bonus to that amount. In comparison to other bookmakers this is a generous bonus.